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Hepzibah Farms

Donate a bouquet

Donate a bouquet

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Help us make our world a little brighter with the gift of flowers to those who need them most. Everyone deserves the feelings of love, hope, and joy that come with receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers. With your help we want to make our flowers accessible to anyone who needs the love. Flowers purchased through mutual aid shares will be distributed through food banks, shelters, hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes free of charge to the recipients.

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Here are some very kind comments from previous seasons members(love you guys!):

"Every bouquet was so beautiful and unique and they all lasted almost the entire two weeks until the next one was delivered, even when I forgot to put water out for the delivery. Can’t wait until next year!"

"Loved having the flowers!!"

"Perfection is hard to improve - keep up the good work."

"Please keep doing what you’re doing! It is very much appreciated!"

"This was my first year to subscribe & I’m not only going to sign up again next year but will be gifting it to my sweet daughter-in-law too. Thank you for the bouquet of sunshine every two weeks!"

"I loved, Loved, LOVED getting my flowers all summer. Will definitely sign up again."

"I loved being a member of your cut flower club!"

"Keep up the good work."

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